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Anticipating and meeting your individual needs:
Bio Care Pharmacy's long-term care (LTC) pharmacy developed a list of preferred drugs in consultation with pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to ensure medically appropriate and cost-effective drug use - reducing overall drug costs to the government.

Our pharmacy has design their dispensing systems with multiple checkpoints to prevent adverse drug interactions or patient reactions. We maintain customized medication records for our client facilities.

Bio Care Pharmacy provides consultant pharmacists who conduct on-site drug regimen reviews for each resident, assessing the efficacy of drug therapies. We also often recommend drug discontinuation or alternate therapies.

Our pharmacies deliver all prescription orders to the patients 24/7, including emergency supplies.

Our Long-term care pharmacies provide specialized services to patients in institutional settings with distinct individual needs. These unique individuals are elderly, frail, and chronically ill that can no longer care for themselves. The standard of our services provided to these patients and the facilities that care for these patients goes far beyond a retail pharmacy. These specialized services keep you healthier, safer, and help payers control pharmaceutical costs.
  • Free daily delivery of medication on time
  • Support by customized medication packaging: Unit dose, OPUS, and Bubble packs
  • Direct billing to families, Residents, and insurance plans
  • We accept all major insurance and Medicaid
  • FREE E-Mor cart
  • FREE Antibiotics
  • FREE Re-fill Reminders
  • No restocking fees
  • We match all competitors pricing

Over-the-counter (OTC) Program:
  • Rx Care Pharmacy is now offering customers special pricing on some of the most commonly used OTC medications.
  • We will package the OTC medication along with the rest of the daily prescription medications
Bio Care Pharmacy is here to meet your individual needs through every layer of service...
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